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The nursery has been converted from what was originally a barn, which is adjacent to what used to be the farmhouse; therefore, the nursery is purpose built and offers a spacious environment. It is light and airy with a separate sleeping room; soft cushions are available for the older children for quiet or rest times.

In addition to this, there is  separate changing area and cloakroom with child size toilets and hand basins, all of which are light and designed purposely with children in mind. There is also a large outside play area for the children to run around in. This includes a large grass area with a variety of outside play equipment. The outside play area is enclosed with a secure fence. The nursery vegetable garden is a separate fenced off area for the children to grow and tend to plants and vegetables.

The children learn the process of the crop cycle; sewing the seed, watching the plant grow and then picking it in order to eat for one of the cooked meals. The Forest School area is part of the  nursery grounds, which is used for Forest School activities, including a mud pit, a bark area and enables the children to cook using a fire.  Children also get the opportunity t o use a variety of tools to design and create. The area is a great environment for exploration and investigation to be undertaken.

Limited parking only is available. Please exercise great care using the car park. People using the car park do so entirely at their own risk. The nursery accepts NO responsibility for injury, damage or loss to persons, vehicles or property.

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