The Dragonflies Room

The Dragonflies room caters for the slightly older toddlers before they move into our Bumblebee classroom at pre-school age.  The room is a bright and airy room, with a wide range of activities and toys available for children to choose from as they interest them.  In the Dragonflies room, some Montessori activities are available to children, allowing them an introduction to the kind of activities they will access when they move into the Bumblebee classroom.  There is a slight shift towards independence in the Dragonflies Room, allowing children to enjoy the responsibility of washing their own cups and plates after snack and practising independent dressing to go outside. The children show great pride in their abilities.

The Dragonflies room has its own toilet facilities and changing area.  Children who nap during their session either have access to the dedicated sleep room or specially made up beds within the room.  The Dragonflies Room also has its own patio area, allowing children the freedom to free flow between the indoor and outdoor space, while learning to respect the boundary of the patio area.  Adjoining the Dragonfly room is a nursery kitchen where staff can cook with the children and make playdough.