The Ladybird Room

The Ladybird Room caters for the youngest children in our nursery, from very young babies through to younger toddlers.  There is a soft cushioned area for the smallest children, with mirrors, musical toys, rattles, blocks and sensory toys.  The Ladybirds Room also has a heuristic play resource area, containing different natural objects that allow babies and children to experience the different smells, textures and sounds these objects provide.  The room contains a range of different toys and activities that children are free to choose from, such as drawing, play dough and art, small world toys, puzzles, and role play.  Differing topical activities are set up daily with our children's interests in mind.

The Ladybird Room has a dedicated cloakroom, with child size toilets and a separate changing area for nappies.  Off of the Dragonfly Room is our sleep room which is utilised by both our Ladybird and Dragonfly children.  The sleep room is carefully designed to be calm, soothing and comfortable to make napping as easy as possible for the children.  Connected to the Ladybird room there is a kitchen which the staff use to prepare snacks, serve lunch, prepare bottles as well as for leading cooking activities with the children.